Odacite all started in 2004 when founder, CEO Valérie Grandury found out she had breast cancer. This event triggered a desire to completely reinvent her life, reconnect with nature and step into a beautiful and fascinating healing journey.

Valerie soon discovered that one of the most toxic elements in a women's daily lives are personal care products. She soon realized that the very expensive French brand she lathered with confidence on her face every day was a cocktail of dangerous chemicals, some of which were known carcinogens!

Emboldened by her new philosophy of not cutting corners when it came to health, Valerie decided to start making her own fresh skin care. The underlying motto she applied to food: “it all lies in the freshness of the raw ingredients,” would apply to her skin care.

She sourced the freshest, purest organic ingredients from all over the world and formulated her own age-defying blends. The secret to her magical ointments, then and now, is to use a freshly made skin care in a window of time during which each ingredient retain their full freshness and efficiency. 

The crèmes made such a difference on her skin that she gave them as presents to her friends. It was an instant hit. Odacité was born to answer a growing demand from women who saw the difference those blends made on their skin

Why Odacite makes it Fresh for You...

EFFECTIVENESS: Freshness is the only way to benefit from the full concentration of antioxidants and vitamins that neutralize free radicals and reverse signs of aging. To assure that our products are 100% active, they are made Fresh for You, Dated and Delivered immediately from our lab to your door.

NO TOXICITY: Since you receive our products freshly blended from our lab to your door there is NO NEED for Preservatives or harmful chemicals. We never sit on store shelves.

Fabulous for Sensitive, Mature, Dry, Normal, and Combination skin.

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Odacite - Beautiful Day Moisturizer with MSM & DMAE
2 Oz or 60 ml: Enough for 5-6 mths Purpose: Protect and Hydrate Results: Healthy Glowing skin thr..
Odacite - Deep Hydration Masque
1.7 Oz or 50 ml: Enough for 5-6 mths Purpose: Bring instant rejuvenation to your skin Results: Af..
Odacite - Immortelle Refreshing Toner Mist
5 or 150 ml: Enough for 6 mths • Purpose: Refresh, Hydrate, Repair • Results: Reduce puffiness & ..
Odacite - Jojoba Beads Exfoliant
1.7 Oz or 50 ml: Enough for 5-6 mths Purpose: Remove dead skin & Encourages cell renewal Results:..
Odacite - Night Repair Serum
2 Oz or 60 ml: Enough for 5-6 mths Purpose: Stimulate, Repair, Tighten Results: Skin Deeply Nouris..
Odacite - Organic Skin Detox Kit
Why: Because Beautiful skin is Healthy skin Modern lifestyle comes with its stress, pollutants and ..
Odacite - Rejuvenating Cleanser
4 Oz or 120 ml: Enough for 3-4 mths Purpose: Cleanse and Detoxify Results: Leaves skin clean and ..
Odacite - Ultra Effective Eye Cream
0.5 Oz or 15 ml: Enough for 6 mths Purpose: Protect & Treat the delicate Eye Contour Results: Sig..
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